Managing your records is no easy task. It’s your Account Manager’s role to simplify it for you. Your Account Manager will help you streamline your records management program, keep you advised of the latest technology breakthroughs and make sure you know about all of the products and services that are available to you.

Your Account Manager can advise you on retention and destruction policies. We will schedule meetings to review your account and make sure all policies and procedures are working for you. When appropriate, your Account Manager will send you a recap, highlighting any action items discussed and assigned to you or to Access. Any special projects will be outlined in a statement of work that both you and your Account Manager will sign before any work is begun. If you are experiencing any service issues, your Account Manager is your representative in our weekly cross-functional service solutions meeting. We also use that forum to bring ideas to the table that will improve performance and ensure your constant satisfaction.

Did you know that we can assist you with:

  • Purging of Records – both physically packing and relocating them and archiving them as needed.
  • File-level Indexing – indexing your files makes it easier to locate them at a later time and precludes the cost of unsuccessful searches.
  • Regular Destructions – not only can we work with you to implement your retention policy but we can also clean up old files that have been kept long after they were needed.
  • Shredding – our bin rotation program keeps confidential records away from public view by temporarily storing them in a locked bin for document destruction, ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and Graham-Leach-Bliley.
  • Scanning of Files – our virtual file room is an extremely cost-effective document management service, providing secure access to records based on pre-determined authorization levels.

Your Account Manager always takes a customer-focused approach to business. We have the information and resources you need, whether your requirements are complex or simple, your business large or small. The Account Manager is your partner in records management. If you have not already met with him or her, call and ask who your Account Manager is. We look forward to working with you.