‘Twas the night before the Holiday Party and the office was quiet

Hopefully the year’s compliance issues are finished and the employees won’t riot.

The Open Enrollment was completed without a moment to spare

For employees and those that they hold dear.


In cabinets, employee documents rested snug in their files,

While the beneficiary and review forms were stacked in huge piles.

I was dressed in my suit about to blurt,

“Another audit, that makes my head hurt!?!?”


When out in the cubes there arose such a shriek,

Sounds like the rest of the day is going to be bleak.

Someone called someone else an ‘Airhead,’

Visions of incident paperwork danced in my head.


Now back to the audit request, how could I be compliant?

Hire temps, work weekends, I don’t want to be defiant.

Frustrated and dismayed, I needed miracle,

Then I saw the email from Access about FileBRIDGE Digital.


Centralized digital HR documents, storage and the works,

It sounded too good to be true, but I read more perks.

Compliance monitoring, document restrictions, retention and e-forms,

They could digitize and index all my files, that’s their norm!


They said, “What you’ve been doing is normal so don’t be concerned

We’re pros at this and we’ll share with you what we’ve learned.

Centralize your documents and digitize the active ones,

Doing it that way will sure save you tons.”


Feeling confident, ready and happy in my heart,

FileBRIDGE Digital is easy to use and it makes me look smart.

My employees who needed access and auditors too,

I could share documents with them, it was easy enough to do.


As I close out the year and I turned out the light,

I said, “Happy Holidays to me, and to all a good night.”