Enterprise adoption of SaaS and other cloud computing delivery models continues to expand at a rapid clip. Salesforce.com, Google, and other vendors providing cloud-based applications tout lower costs, faster deployments, and other advantages vis-à-vis traditional on-premises applications.

Recognizing this market shift and following executive guidance, many enterprises are headed down a cloud-first policy path with key applications. This movement presents challenges when looking for an acceptable records management solution. Overall, only 8% of records managers report that their organizations’ leverage or are currently expanding their investments in SaaS RM technologies, and few are actively planning to do so. Adopting a cloud-based records management capability will be imperative in delivering a complete content solution.


Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Paper paradigm is not working for digital-first organizations
  • Disruptive forces will compel change in records management
  • Cloud and Social make cloud based records management tools a priority
  • Finding the right cloud based records management solution