While most of the impact of Dodd-Frank will be felt by financial services firms, any organization doing business in the financial, capital, and credit markets will also be affected.  Organizations impacted by Dodd-Frank include: Energy companies, Electric and gas utilities, Chemical, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Airlines, Agribusiness, Consumer products, and the list goes on.

Those who adopt recordkeeping and information governance best practices and update their physical and electronic recordkeeping infrastructure will be in the best position to adapt quickly to the new rules and regulations. ECM tools are essential to producing the comprehensive reporting demanded by Dodd-Frank and regulatory agencies. Without these basic capabilities, businesses are limited to manual processes and workarounds, which are error prone and, from a regulatory point of view, increase business risk.


In this webinar you will learn: 

  • Who is affected? It’s not just Financial Services
  • The Impact of Dodd-Frank on non-financial institutions
  • How all industries can prepare for rules yet to come
  • Steps to Assess Dodd-Frank compliance
  • How to utilize your vendors to achieve compliance