Imagine a world where uploading a document to your system of record was as simple as drag and drop? Or managing the expiration date on documents like training certificates or employment contracts was automatic and you were notified if a document was incomplete, before it became a problem?

What about the ability to create a temporary ID for an employee who has not been set up in your system of record, allowing them to receive new hire documents? And wouldn’t life be grand if the documents you needed to deliver were routed to the right people, automatically, within minutes without lifting a finger?

Dream no more. Be the first to hear about how all of these things and more could be your reality. Join us for a no obligation demo of FileBRIDGE™ Digital. With features like these, you might be able to actually take your coffee break.

In this webinar we will cover: 

  • How real-time audits can be a breeze.
  • Designing customizable workflows specific to your business needs.
  • How easy uploading documents should be.
  • No employee ID? No onboarding system? No problem – onboarding just got easier.