If an auditor or regulator shows up in your office, would you be prepared? Employment laws continue to expand, and regulators are becoming more aggressive with fines and penalties. Employment laws are complex, making managing your HR records a huge challenge.

If you’ve never failed an audit or been fined by a regulator, you deserve credit and should consider yourself fortunate. Failing an audit or being out of compliance with regulations affects more than the HR Department. Compliance and legal need to be involved, the C-level certainly won’t be happy, and worst of all, it affects your company’s bottom line and reputation.

Are you confident you can find what you need when a regulator or auditor knocks on your door?  Are you certain that you are not keeping records longer than the law requires? Is everyone in your organization complying with your policies?

What we will cover:

  • Employment laws you can’t ignore
  • What can happen if you don’t comply
  • How can you be better prepared
  • The tools you need to ensure compliance across your organization