The role of Human Resources has changed dramatically over the years, from more administrative to a strategic partner in the business. Human Resources is the key component to effectively managing an organization’s human capital talent and overall business processes.

As a strategic function, HR must leverage the technology available to support the many workflows and best practices that encompass the overall functions within HR, Payroll and Benefits. Discover how HR can be proactive in anticipating and providing information to meet the strategic goals and visions of C-level executives.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How the role of HR has evolved to a business partnership.
  • The Top 10 HR challenges through 2015.
  • What information is needed by any company’s Board of Directors in order to fulfill a business vision and goal.
  • Specific Performance Metrics that HR can provide to C-level executives.
  • The features and functions of a comprehensive HCM software, along with desired “best of breed” add-on and integrated functionality.