Nearly 2/3 of HR team resources are consumed by administration and paperwork. Automating the processes and moving from paper documents to digital documents can eliminate nearly half of the burden, but even that is not enough. This webinar will explore ways to turn the problem inside out and reduce the HR administrative burden even further. With a controlled self-service environment, many tasks can be handled directly by employees and managers.

Putting the tools directly in the hands of employees and managers to self-administer their HR documents drastically cuts down on the demands on the HR team, but it is vital to have the right tools to ensure that HR remains in control. This webinar will address the unique challenges of disseminating self-service in an environment where many, if not all of the employees are not technology equipped.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Why self-service is becoming a requirement
  • What do I need on my technology checklist
  • How to create a digital connection without email