HR professionals have a lot to manage when it comes to compliance; HIPAA, EEOC, and the list goes on. Our feedback from the HR community indicates there is room for improvement when it comes to remaining compliant. In the records and information management world, personnel files are some of the most important and tightly guarded records.

So much so that personnel files are usually kept onsite under lock and key. The challenge for HR professionals is they often have to share portions of personnel files with people in other departments or outside of their organization. Personnel files can be paper or digital, but in either format it’s important that file is complete. HR really needs a way to self-audit a personnel file to ensure completeness. Join us for a dynamic discussion on compliance for HR Documents, and the risks to avoid.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How most HR technology does not address information governance
  • Areas of improvement for sharing information in personnel files
  • Compliance requirements specific to HR recordkeeping
  • Benefits of going paperless with personnel files