In today’s competitive market, it’s essential for companies to optimize every component of their business. This includes operational efficiency that maximizes every square foot of office space. Businesses can be weighed down by clutter, which typically derives from having an excess of paper records. While many regulations require record retention for upward of five to 10 years, it may be best to partner with a commercial document storage center.

Commercial document storage centers can help companies organize and store records in a secure location. Even if some businesses may opt to purchase additional on-site storage solutions such as file cabinets, it still doesn’t solve the problem of records taking up valuable space. Storing records with an off-site document storage center allows companies to save money above any on-site storage solutions while giving employees the space to work at an efficient level.

Not only does this clear up valuable office space, it alleviates any fears business executives may have regarding the safety of their sensitive information. By mitigating these concerns, companies can get back to work and concentrate on doing what they do best – improving productivity and increasing revenue.

Information management professional Alan Prodraza wrote a recent blog post addressing the advantages of records storage at an off-site with a third party provider and why the protection of information is of the utmost importance.

“Record centers understand how important and confidential your information is and provide safe and environmentally controlled security for your records,” Prodraza wrote.

Saving money and protecting company data are two of the most important factors related to business operations. Contacting a professional document storage center can allow companies to gain the tools and knowledge they need to select the right storage solution to fit their needs.