Scanning Solutions and Document Destruction: Why They’re Critical

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s more important than ever that operations are handled as efficiently and securely as possible. This time in history will be known as the information age, and protecting your company’s sensitive information is of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide to document scanning solutions and document destruction shredding services— to help savvy businesses get ahead of the curve in documentation and information management.

The Transition to Digital Records Management

Businesses around the world are working to reduce their dependence on paper and paper-based processes, and they are doing so with good reason. The shift to remote work fueled a greater need for digital access to documentation. Plus, reducing our reliance on paper is good for the environment.

According to the University of Michigan, more than 15 billion trees are cut down every year to produce paper. Going paperless utilizing professional scanning services reduces a company’s environmental impact and moves the global economy closer to a place of true sustainability. But this isn’t the only reason that companies are using less paper.

Storing documentation and data in a digital format saves time, money, and space while providing a secure means of storage and customizable accessibility. Let’s move on to explore these benefits further.

A Combination of Security and Accessibility

Traditional paper documentation can be misplaced, lost, copied, and stolen. It’s difficult to control the use and dissemination of paper documents, and this is just one reason that many businesses might switch to digital record-keeping.

By transitioning to a cloud-based storage solution for your digital records, you can achieve greater control over documentation throughout the document’s lifecycle. You can customize access to each document, allowing it to be accessible to those you want and secure from those that you don’t. Implementing a solution like CartaDC or CartaHR is one way to improve security while maintaining accessibility to your digital records.

Improved Organization

Organizing documents such as project records, employment information, and financials can be a time-consuming process, and accessing specific information from those documents when faced with a room of file cabinets can be a daunting task. When records are stored digitally, organizing and searching for the information you need is simple. You can consolidate information across your different locations and departments, allowing access to all employees in one place. You can sort and filter through the records on file without ever leaving your desk.

Document Scanning Solutions

Digitally stored documents streamline the information-sharing process. Professional document scanning services collect and scan paper records. Once documents are scanned, employees and other stakeholders can access digitized records from anywhere with secure, cloud-based records management software.

As many businesses trend towards remote work, maintaining accessibility to documents is more important than ever. With digitally stored records, employees will no longer need to be onsite to view records. They can do so from a neighboring office branch or even their own home.  By improving document accessibility for all team members, you give them the tools they need to succeed and be the best they can be.

Document Destruction: Secure Shredding 

Whether your business is going paperless or just looking to clean out your file cabinets, document destruction via secure shredding is the ideal solution for getting rid of past records efficiently and securely. We cross-cut all documents rendering them completely destroyed and help you clear up valuable space in your office.

Secure shredding for document destruction is the best way to ensure that your documents are disposed of properly and that your business remains in compliance with privacy and information security regulations. Companies have a couple of options to choose from when looking for document destruction services

One-time Document Purge 

You can now take care of spring cleaning at your office any time of the year. Document purges are an excellent way to clean out the office; they require no contract and offer a secure and documented means to destroy sensitive records. Your team can drop off the records at one of our locations, or we can come to collect them, saving you time and trouble.

Scheduled Rotation of Secure Consoles and Bins 

If you’d prefer to dispose of documents more often than once or twice a year, you can also set up a scheduled paper shredding bin at your office. Simply contact us when the bin or secure console is full, and we will empty and replace it. We track the process and offer complete visibility as proof of protection so that you can feel confident in your information’s secure destruction. Scheduled secure consoles for document destruction are the ideal way to stay on top of hard copy document buildup in your office.

Get Started

These document scanning and shredding services can help propel your business toward a more efficient and secure workplace. With document scanning and shredding services, you can free your office from paper buildup, streamline operations, and ensure the security of your past records and other sensitive information.

To ensure your scanning project is a success, be sure to consider how you’ll access your newly digitized documents before disposing of the physical versions. For secure, compliant storage of your digital documents, check out our cloud-based records management software solutions: CartaDC and CartaHR.