Drive your Digital Transformation with Paperless Document Management

Smarter information management starts when you digitize paper documents with the Access team at our local and regional scanning centers. Store resulting electronic files in CartaDC Essentials to give your team instant and secure access to the documents you need most. Replace your filing cabinets with cloud storage.

CartaDC Essentials is stand-alone document management software that drives the transformation to paperless. Easily convert paper documents to electronic files, securely store documents. Quickly search and access anything you’re looking for.

Stop searching for missing files. No more worrying about industry and government compliance standards. CartaDC Essentials powers a smarter, more cost-effective approach to storing, retrieving, and managing documents.

Transform Digital Documents Painlessly

CartaDC Essentials lets you take the digital transformation approach that makes the most business sense for your organization. Continue to store non-essential legacy information as sheets of paper and scan only your active files. Or convert all your paper documents to digital. Either way, our professionally trained team transports documents to our scanning facility, maintaining secure document management at every step.

Woman sitting at computer working on document digital transformation.
Laptop displaying CartaDC Essentials file management software to streamline digital transformation.

Maintain Document Management Compliance

CartaDC Essentials makes it easy and affordable to migrate, store and manage digital information while ensuring compliance. Easily set expiration dates and apply legal holds based upon your company and industry regulations.

Save Money and Time

CartaDC Essentials is smart. It allows you to apply metadata to every electronic document, file, and email. Easily store, scan, and sort assets in the cloud, and find anything you’re looking for with simple search functionality.

Automated business processes help you solve common workflow challenges, all while helping you meet compliance requirements. And with user access available from both desktop and mobile device, the information you need is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Woman with glasses standing at computer working on maintaining records compliance using automated software.
Open concept office full of people working on computers managing digital information.

Trust a Solution That’s Always in Sync and Always Secure

CartaDC Essentials makes it easy and affordable to migrate, store, and manage digital information in a single, fully integrated platform. This increases control and security while simultaneously reducing risk.

Shared document storage eliminates issues of version control. Know you’re always looking at the most up-to-date information so you can provide the best customer service to your clients in real time.

Learn how CartaDC Essentials document management system can power your digital transformation.