When was the last time your law firm took a strategic look at the way records and information are handled? As custodians of your clients’ documents, as well as your own, it’s crucial for your firm to be at the cutting edge of records and information management (RIM).

You need policies and procedures that will automate the application of metadata to ensure that records are filed properly, easily searchable, and — most importantly — kept to their legally mandated retention schedules.

In our new eBook, learn how to create an effective, comprehensive RIM program that will reduce your firm’s legal risk and exposure to fines, while reducing your administrators’ workloads and storage costs. You’ll find out how to:

Determine who will oversee your program
Assess your current practices
Identify KPIs that will guide improvements
Build an effective RIM program in five steps

The only thing that’s worse than discovering your RIM program isn’t up to modern standards is having clients discover it first.

Read the eBook to audit and update your procedures.