Digitally transforming your records and information management (RIM) program can seem like a Herculean task. You must audit your current practices with respect to industry regulations, and inventory physical and digital records to determine if they are being securely stored and if any are past due for destruction. Then, consider automating the attachment of metadata at the individual record level to keep your RIM program running efficiently.

To build a holistic program like this, you need expertise and resources. The key is finding the right partner who can support the processes you need today — and in the future. How can you determine if a prospective vendor is your organization’s perfect match? Start by asking the right questions.

In our eBook, From Vendor to Partner, we’ve compiled 38 questions within seven critical areas to help you thoroughly vet potential partners. Some questions include:

  •       Does your system automate the attachment of metadata to documents as they are created or input?
  •    Do you have a full understanding of the specific regulations our organization is subject to?
  •    Can you help identify documents that have gone past their retention dates and are due for immediate destruction?
  •    What other external security assessments and certifications do you maintain?

Get the full list of questions — and why it’s so important to ask them — by downloading this free eBook.