Recently, KMWorld Magazine recognized Access Unify in their annual list of trendsetting products. In the world of information management, KMWorld is one of the most respected resources among industry professionals. Their annual listing showcases advanced products and services selected for their ability to help organizations “benefit from their information, share knowledge efficiently, make better decisions, enable compliance, effectively support employees, and communicate seamlessly with customers.” Access is very proud to be recognized by the experts and in this blog, we’ll provide 5 key reasons why clients and industry professionals find Access Unify so special.

Our team of over 50 dedicated developers, managers and leaders custom built this industry-leading, technology-enabled suite of digital transformation services. The goal was for Access Unify to add value for our clients who were looking for information management support in the new normal of remote and hybrid environments. Access Unify combines innovative technology with our world-class Access information management services to help clients more efficiently solve some of the inherent challenges that come with today’s working environments.

So What Makes Access Unify Stand Out?

Reason 1: Active File Service with Industry-Leading SLAs

The need to make information more accessible has become more urgent than ever. Employees and clients expect a digital-first environment that supports work and access from anywhere — and Access Unify is delivering just that. One of its benefits is its Active File Service that’s meeting industry-leading turnaround times (less than 4 hours!) for the digital delivery of active paper files stored with Access.

Reasons 2 and 3: Integration & Project Acceleration

Not only are businesses gaining real-time access to key documents anytime, anywhere, but because Access Unify integrates with the systems that organizations are already using, Access Unify is helping to deliver a seamless, digital-first experience that reduces the need for additional staff training and accelerates project ramp-up times.

Reason 4: ROI

Priced as a predictable fixed monthly rate, Access Unify empowers businesses to integrate cost recovery, if desired, while reducing overall operational expenses. The predictability of a fixed-fee service enables organizations to manage budgets more efficiently and even release some funds for investing elsewhere. Because Access can scan only what is needed, when needed, there is no operational impact of a large backfile scanning project. When onsite active files are transitioned to our Active File Service, costly real estate space can be repurposed for higher value business purposes or divested from lease agreements, allowing firms to capitalize on reduced real estate.

Reason 5: Innovation

And lastly, another key reason that Access Unify caught the attention of the KMWorld selection committee, as well as our clients, is that it’s an example of Access’ commitment. The Access team is committed to ensuring that our clients have stable, secure, and innovative solutions to drive their business forward.

We look forward to continuing to help organizations support their full information management lifecycles with innovation and a personalized, client-centric approach. If you’d like to hear more about how Access Unify can serve your information management needs, contact us today.

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