Access Cleveland recently embarked on a project involving records stored since the 1920’s including a four-day stay on an island on Lake Erie. Dubbed the “Put In Bay Project”, four Access team members began by taking a ferry across the lake to the Fiscal Office of the Put In Bay Township on South Bass Island.

South Bass is a small island in western Lake Erie, known for being a popular summer recreational spot where the chosen mode of transportation is golf carts. Every year, tourists come from far and wide to explore the island’s caves and take part in water sports. After traveling to the Put In Bay Fiscal Office, Access Team Members Pete, Dominic, Nate, and Rich sorted through some 100 boxes of the township’s archives of records including local zoning documents, Human Resources forms, and cemetery deeds.

Once sorted, the documents were imaged and repacked so they could remain on the island safely.  Adding an extra level of complexity to the project, the Put In Bay Township recently established a newly defined retention policy. The team brought documents that had outlived their usefulness back to the Access facility to be shredded.

The project was completed in just four days that they remained on the island.  Access is now the sole records and information management provider on the Lake Erie Islands. We look forward to continually serving the area and can’t wait to see what kind of projects come next.