The MER Conference is an annual 2-½ day immersive event – now virtual! – focused on all aspects of managing electronic records in an ever-changing technological and operational environment. This collaborative learning experience arms leaders with insights, connections and resources to effectively manage records and information across their organization

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Sponsored Sessions:


Kurt Thies, Product Evangelist

Joe Halstead, Manager of Solution Engineering



Onsite Records, Remote Workforce. Why Digital Delivery Will Rock Your World

Date: May 25 12:45-1:45PM ET

As the world has shifted to remote and hybrid work models, organizations are finding that their digitization strategy needs to change as well. Physical requests for hard copy files when in-office staff is limited has accelerated the need to enable access to records electronically. There’s no need to boil the ocean with a broad digital transformation approach. The key is to focus on digital delivery – the benefits are numerous. Join us to learn how a digital delivery approach could help you enable an easier, more secure and efficient flow of information across your organization.




Sue Gibbons, Solution Engineer

Cynthia Alsup, VP Solution Specialists and Virgo

Omero Banuelos Esq., Sr. Counsel


Supercharge Information Governance Policy Management at Scale

Date: May 26 10AM-11AM ET

Join us for a discussion on how information governance (IG) professionals can reduce the risk and cost of their information governance program, increase the accuracy of retention schedules and implement defensible information retention, privacy and security through automation. From CCPA to GDPR, the privacy and compliance world is evolving quickly. Learn how navigating these new laws can be integrated seamlessly into your retention and privacy policies across your organization and content types with Virgo, a cloud-based solution from Access.

Other Sessions:


John Isaza Esq., FAI, VP Information Governance

Susan Cisco PhD, Consultant


A Playbook for Managing Pandemic Related Records and Beyond

Date: May 26 5PM ET

Covid-19 has not only forced organizations to invent new ways of doing business, but these seismic shifts have also resulted in the collection of new kinds of data, some of which includes highly sensitive biometric data. In this session, the presenters, John Isaza, Esq. and Dr. Susan Cisco, will introduce a Playbook created as a result of a study conducted during the Summer of 2020 with input from 9 of the largest global organizations, including the financial, food distribution, airline, software, oil and gas, utilities and accounting sectors. The session will cover why the group was created, as well as specifics of the resulting Playbook, including pandemic-specific record types, related retention schedule issues, and practical guides for the lifecycle management of this data and records.  This session is a must-see for all organizations grappling with the management of new records and data arising from Covid-19 and organizational seismic shifts in adapting to working from home and welcoming customers in a brave new world.   


John Isaza Esq., FAI, VP Information Governance

Ken Withers, Esq., The Sedona Conference

Martin Tully, Esq., Actuate Law LLC

David C. Shonka, Esq., Redgrave LLP


So, Who’s Keeping Track of Our Data Privacy & Security Compliance? Navigating the IG of PII

Date: May 24 3:30PM

Privacy and data security laws have been adopted in almost every state, and a national law is looking increasingly likely. These laws vary in scope and detail, with some, like California’s Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) focusing on data privacy, and others, like New York’s SHIELD Act, focusing on data security, and still others, like Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) having a very narrow focus. While all these laws have gotten plenty of public attention, less is known about the requirements they place on records management and information governance: Do these laws have records retention requirements? Records deletion requirements? Records maintenance requirements? What are the regulations that impact records and information systems? How are they enforced, and by whom?


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