Greatly Improves HR Efficiency and Supports GDPR Compliance

BOSTON, June 5, 2018Access, the largest privately-held records and information management (RIM) services provider in the world, today announced CartaHR, a new cloud-based employee document management solution that enables HR professionals to efficiently, securely and compliantly store, find and manage employee files.  CartaHR frees HR professionals to focus on the needs of their businesses and employee engagement, by significantly reducing the time-consuming burden of document management.  In addition, CartaHR offers GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) support to help organizations comply with GDPR requirements.

Ideal for companies with over 1000 employees and especially those in healthcare, retail, grocery, hospitality and other segments that have distributed or high-turnover employee populations, CartaHR helps HR managers easily and securely manage employee documents across multiple locations.

“We want to help HR professionals have time to focus on the needs of their organizations and employees – not drown in endless paperwork,” said Brad Turner, Chief Commercial Officer at Access.   “CartaHR enables HR to become more efficient and proactive in responding to internal and external requests and requirements, including unemployment claims, compliance requirements, team support, audits and more.”

Stacie Novosel, System Director for Compensation and HRIS at Summa Health, said, “We’ve been extremely pleased with CartaHR and how much time it helps us save in our daily work.  Customer service has been excellent, and the platform itself is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to share and manage employee files across multiple locations.” 

Improves HR Efficiency and Securely Manages Employee Documents

CartaHR improves efficiency by handling routine tasks so HR teams have more time for proactive and strategic work benefitting the company.  It automates HR processes so employees can easily self-administer their own documents from any device (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.) – freeing the HR team for other work and accelerating the completion of documents while HR remains in control.

CartaHR acts as a central repository for all HR documents.  By securely interfacing with Kronos, ADP, Workday, Ultimate and other HCM/HRIS solutions, it enables HR to easily and efficiently manage all their documents from one place.  Other HR solutions, such as applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits, learning management, performance management, etc., create employee documents that are stored in multiple applications and are hard to find and manage. With CartaHR as a single repository for all HR documents including those from other HR solutions, HR teams save time and also improve security and compliance.  CartaHR enables users to securely share documents with internal or external stakeholders by using two-factor authentication, secure data rooms and complete audit trails.

According to Dwight Griesman, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Access, “CartaHR leads to better, smarter and more efficient HR, freeing up HR professionals to be more proactive and better serve the needs of their businesses.  In addition to CartaHR, Access provides clients with a full range of records and information management offerings, including physical records storage, scanning and digitization, retention and destruction — so they can get a full information management life cycle solution from us. That level of service just doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

Provides GDPR Functionality

With the May 25th deadline for GDPR compliance, requiring businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states, CartaHR makes it easy for HR teams to comply with these new articles and requirements.  CartaHR functionality simplifies the notification of information collected, allows employees access to their data and allows documented deletion of an employee’s data should they invoke their “right to be forgotten.”

Helps Companies Achieve Compliance

CartaHR also helps companies achieve compliance and avoid penalties, reporting on which documents are missing or expired. HR professionals can quickly and securely find, monitor, retrieve and report on any single document or subset of an employee file, such as an I-9, W-4, handbook acknowledgement or job-specific certifications. With CartaHR, HR professionals can easily and securely share a subset of documents internally or externally, greatly reducing time spent preparing for audits. In addition, CartaHR’s compliance monitors provide proactive alerts when a document is missing, expired or not filed.

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