Businesses are tremendously concerned about the security of their sensitive information, and rightfully so. In today’s uncertain economy, no company can afford to have the security of their data compromised and many that suffer massive security breaches struggle to recover. While many businesses are turning to digital storage, there are some that raise questions in regards to its safety, especially as it pertains to cloud computing.

Storing files in the cloud has a number of advantages, but, as this blog has mentioned in the past, not every cloud service is the same and some simply aren’t ideal for properly securing information.

An article in the online publication CloudTech raises some concerns many companies have over the security of data stored in a cloud environment. Mark Dunleavy, the author of the article, examines a study that found 60 percent of European business owners believe a breach of their cloud-stored data is inevitable. Moreover, many companies in Europe are having a hard time making international business transactions through the cloud.

“Whilst European organizations are being won over by the benefits, confusion still surrounds the issue of data security and privacy in the cloud,” Dunleavy writes. “Data is having an increasingly hard time crossing boundaries for this reason. Countries are demanding that data is housed inside their borders, which requires more local data centers and causes problems for international business.”

Upholding proper security measures while following all regulations regarding the management and storage of data is crucial. Working with a professional records management provider gives companies the solutions needed to maintain the security of their information without compromising regulatory compliance.

These professionals will work with businesses concerned with the safety of their data in the cloud by storing their physical records in a secure location and providing hosting scenarios that offer the benefits ot the cloud with far less risk.