Despite anti-virus software and passwords, businesses are not doing enough to keep their records safe. Based on Verizon’s “Data Breach Investigations Report,” small companies with less than 100 employees accounted for 71 percent of breaches.

During a time when a majority of organizations complete most of their tasks on computers, it is important to protect confidential data and vendor contracts from hackers.

For businesses to make the most out of their document storage system, they should plan out when to relocate some of their records to a secure offsite facility. Information that is worth archiving should be locked away in advance to prevent any chance of theft.

Document retention is one of many measures organizations of all sizes can take advantage of to ensure that their data is safe. Regularly backing up the server and its antivirus protection system is a good start, according to Forbes.

“Any antivirus or malware software provider expects your software to be downloaded and installed, if you don’t update the program, you may as well not have it,” Vikas Bhatia, a New York-based security expert, told the source.

Bhatia added that information could be stolen from a variety of sources, whether it be email correspondence, an entire computer or passwords. One example of such an event happened to a three-man business that lost a year-and-a-half of research because it did not back up any of the information outside of their laptops—once they were stolen the information was gone.

Companies that have accounts on many outlets, like online payroll or social media, can protect themselves from theft if each and every account has a different password—neglecting to do so can cause a lot of harm to senior staff and the business’ clients.

Businesses can improve the strength of their cyber security mechanisms if they make the necessary changes within these sensitive areas. Through the additional support of a records storage provider, staffers are less likely to expose their clients’ information to thieves or the general public, while properly managing these files.