The records and information management profession has changed drastically and 2020 has only served to speed up the rate of change.  

One need only look at the schedule of next week’s annual ARMA InfoCon to get a sense of the things on the minds of information management professionals.  

The schedule is as packed as ever with great keynote speeches and educational sessions that ARMA has lined up—including some featuring our Access team members.  

Here are three key topics we’ll be keeping an eye on when we attend and present at this years conference. 

The Continued March of Digitization 

For years, digital transformation has been touted as the right path forward for managing information efficiently — but digitization is not one-size-fits-all. It means something different at every organization. Some organizations need to account for vast numbers of legacy information systems while others struggle to transition from physical records to digital-first organization. 

The ARMA InfoCon schedule accounts for the entire spectrum. Sessions focused on digitization and technology run the gamut from first steps in a digital transformation initiative to more advanced topics including machine learning, AI and blockchain.  

Content available during InfoCon includes educational topics that are specific to paper, microfilm and media scenarios as well as vendor demos on automating retention schedules. 

Sessions to look for: 

  • Frictionless Retention Schedules 
  • Using IG to Navigate the Challenges in AI and Ephemeral Messaging 
  • Developing IG Strategy in Storage and Equipment Contracts 

The COVID-19 Pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to affect nearly every aspect of our lives in both personal and business matters. For most organizations, the first half of 2020 was laserfocused on maintaining business continuity.  

For information managers, this has meant shifting gears very rapidly and developing new business processes and workflows to keep information accessible yet secure in a workfromhome world. A by-product of this pandemic response has been the creation of new record types which must be identified, assessed for risk and maintained in a compliant manner.  

We’re thrilled to announce that ARMA InfoCon will be the unveiling of our exciting research initiative: Playbook for Responding to Pandemic-Related Records, A Methodology for Analysis and Ingestion of New Record Types 

The playbook highlights the result of research with IG professionals across eight industries.  Dr. Susan Cisco, CRM, FAI, and John Isaza, Esq., FAI, will be discussing the research process, recommending a related retention schedule and sharing the playbook findings during an educational conference session 

One thing’s for certain, the pandemic will be a persistent presence at most of the conversations at this year’s conference, even in those sessions not solely focused on it. 

Sessions to look for:  

  • Responding to Pandemic-Related Records: An ActionOriented Playbook 
  • Building the Foundation of a Disaster-Resistant IG Program 
  • Privacy and Risk Mitigation Lessons Learned From COVID-19 

Navigating Change 

The pandemic may have accelerated changes, but no lasting change can take place in a vacuum 

Records managers must have a collaborative, advisory relationship with all departments, ranging from human resources and ITto end-users, compliance officers, and many others in between. The role has expanded to that of a trusted partner to ensure information is handled properly throughout the records lifecycle.  

This starts with aligning benefits to core business goals. For modern information management, this approach requires adopting technology and strategies that make old-school GARP best practices seamless to the end-user experience.   

Access’ Matt Hillery and Kurt Thies will present a session on how records managers can align with corporate goals for a more successful information program. They will discuss why tech-enabled records management programs aren’t enough and how to build a program that elevates the roles of records and information management.  

Sessions to look for: 

  • Getting the Digitization Investment 
  • User-Driven Data Governance: Putting the “People” Back In “People, Process, And Technology” 
  • Sticking the Landing: Implementing IG Program Change that Lasts 

Learning from Industry Leaders 

Access is proud to have our CEO, Rob Alston, featured with both Galina Datskovsky of Vaporstream, Inc., and Graham Sibley from Collabware, on InfoCon’s Keynote panel hosted by Nick Inglis, ARMA’s Executive Director of Content and Programming. ARMA has made all the InfoCon Keynote Sessions free of charge. This means that everyone can view this discussion with CEOs from top information companies reflecting on how they are responding to all the change that 2020 has brought with it.  

Access team members are looking forward to connecting with professionals from around the world during the conference. We hope to see you there! 

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