In today’s remote and hybrid work environments, digitization has become a global business imperative to ensure employees have immediate access to documents for optimal productivity.

This need inspired Access to create a unique new service…introducing Access Unify™! This solution is a technology-powered suite of digital transformation services, and its premier offering, which I am highlighting in this blog, is a flat-fee service that will manage your active files, called Active File Service. In its simplest form, this active file management service evolves how law firms access active matter files with an industry-leading service time of less than four hours. Firms can leverage the Active File Service to improve efficiency and productivity as well as improve turnaround time, divest or repurpose real estate and gain the ability to recover costs with detailed charge-back reporting.

Check out how Access Unify’s Active File Service can bring law and order to your firm in 8 ways:

#1: Enables Secure Access – Anytime, Anywhere

Every file in the Access Unify Active File Management Service is delivered on demand to authorized users via the Access Unify portal or existing systems of record. On-demand access means that attorneys and records staff can access any active file from any device, at any time, from anywhere. This grants near-real-time access to content such as active matter files, contracts, forms, notes, etc.

#2: Empowers Staff

As employees become digital active file experts, they become integral to your firm’s commitment to a digital transformation vision. We’ve found that through training, staff evolves to contribute to higher value, strategic initiatives. Their ability to pull reports, facilitate requests, and orchestrate requests using Access Unify has greatly increased throughput and efficiency while improving the quality of service the firm experiences daily.

#3: Simplifies Your File Management Process

Leverage a streamlined central portal for accessing your files on-demand, as needed. Your staff will no longer have to fill out internal forms, look through onsite storage, or find a records manager to locate the active files they need.

#4: Improves Turnaround

Greatly reduce active file retrieval times while increasing request throughput with the self-service Access Unify portal available 24/7. Access leads the industry with sub-four-hour turnaround from request to fulfillment. And because we deliver the content digitally through either your existing records system or the Access Unify portal, users have a seamless experience retrieving their scanned files.

#5: Uses Existing Systems

Access has invested heavily to ensure the Active File Service can handle requests and delivery of digital files directly to your existing line of business applications. Attorneys or authorized staff can make requests for files through either the Access Unify platform or existing records management software such as FileTrail®️. Then the digital files are pushed out to either the Access Unify portal or your existing system of record such as NetDocuments®, Microsoft Office 365® (including SharePoint), a dedicated SFTP location, or the cloud storage of your choice.

#6: Ensures Business Continuity

Storing your active matter files onsite is dangerous and may put your firm at risk for noncompliance. In the event of fire, hurricane, flood, or theft, your firm is at serious risk without a redundancy or business continuity plan. Storing your active files with Access and leveraging our Active File Service can not only decrease those risks, but it can also ensure you are adhering to regulatory, security, and information governance best practices.

#7: Reduced CAPEX Costs

Capital is vital to law firm operations. By leveraging our Active File Management Service, you’re able to lower your spend on Multi-Function Devices (MFDs), scanners, consumables (ink, toner, parts, paper), equipment, maintenance, and much more. Access Unify subscriptions are traditionally considered an operational expense, thereby freeing up CAPEX budgets to improve your bottom line or invest in other capital expenditures.

#8: Predictable Fixed-Fee Monthly Bill

The predictability of a fixed-fee service allows you to manage your budget and operating costs more efficiently. And since there’s no line-item charge for every activity related to the management of files, billing becomes predictably straight-forward. Depending on your utilization of the Active File Management Service, the return on investment can be significant.

Why Active File Service is Important

The rapid pace of change in law practice often necessitates short turnaround times and easy integration of active files into daily attorney workflows. With the Access Unify Active File Service, your firm can leverage industry-leading records management experts while staying within your native content apps like FileTrail®️, NetDocuments®, iManage®, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, or anywhere else. And with second-to-none security and compliance, Access is the perfect partner to collaborate with to bring law and order to your firm.

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