While it may seem a bit strange, there can be a sense of pride when it comes to having a mess on your desk. Now, I’m not talking about random trinkets, but having a stack of papers or a pile of important files you are working on. After all, if there are more things on your desk, it must mean you’re busy working on all of them, right?

According to a recent article from the Staten Island Advance newspaper, that is what some small business owners believe, because more files mean more work to be done and the company is successful. The problem with this is that what could be considered “organized chaos” by some, is not very productive and can easily spiral into something that leads to more trouble.

“Most business owners are on information overload, working long hours without thinking much about simple productivity issues of how and why things get done,” professional organizer Chris Perrow told the news source. “When they stop to analyze the situation, they often find much could be delegated, eliminated or done at a more efficient time.”

The pieces continue to offer some tips for cleaning up the desks like discarding what isn’t needed, proper filing, acting on the top priorities quickly to clear them out and passing along information to others if they can use it before you.

While those work for individual employees, companies as a whole need to make sure they have a proper document management policies and an appropriate storage solution in place. That can add a new level of organization and improve efficiency.