Any professional records and information management provider should offer a cost-effective solution for keeping your documents and media secure and organized. But true information management goes beyond security and structure. Don’t overlook these benefits when choosing a records and information management provider.

History and ownership

The history and ownership of the company storing and managing your information is a good predictor of the service you’ll receive from them. Look for a records and information management provider with a long history serving businesses in your local community. A privately-owned provider is more likely to invest in the latest advancements in technology, continuous facility improvements, and the highest-quality staff.

Expedited delivery

There will be times when you need urgent delivery of your media and files. Your records and information management provider should be capable of fulfilling even your most time-sensitive requests. To make sure, test the effectiveness of retrieval and delivery services outside of standard business hours and during holidays and weekends to assess whether they adequately support your emergency and rush requirements. Some records and information management providers also offer a Scan on Demand solution that enables stored files to be quickly converted to digital images and sent electronically.

A full range of support

Most records and information management providers offer storage and management of your records and media, albeit to varying degrees of quality. But few providers offer a full suite of services to support your business needs. In addition to securely storing your information, the right records and information management provider will also offer the following services and supplies:

  • Active file management
  • Carton packing
  • File indexing
  • Data entry
  • Business inventory storage
  • Document storage cartons


Don’t overlook the technology used to manage your information. Bar coding, which is essential for tracking and locating your file while during offsite storage, should be integrated with records management software that gives you the ability to manage the entirety of your information both offsite and onsite. Ask if there is a single software platform that tracks your hardcopy and digital retention inventory just as effectively in your corporate file room as it does in the records centre. The right records and information management provider should be able to offer comprehensive assessment of your file access, distribution and retention lifecycle needs and suggest the most effective software solution.

Records and information management services benefit your business on many levels. Use the benefits we’ve discussed here to ensure you choose the right provider for your business.