Gratitude is something that we can practice every day, for both big and little things. You could be grateful for nailing a presentation at work or for finding forgotten cash in your old coat pocket. But, while we seem to give thanks for the many “things” in our lives, we often forget that it’s the people around us that really make the difference.

At Access, we try to incorporate gratitude for what we call “the Three C’s” into our everyday actions. This includes providing only the very best service to our clients because they chose to entrust their business records to our management, donating our time and resources to our local communities to do our parts in making them better places, and ensuring everybody within our company feels appreciated, which can be challenging given how large we have grown. It’s for that last reason that we instituted recognition programs to spotlight our amazing Team Members. Our Tag Bonus program encourages colleagues, leaders and clients to showcase their recognition and appreciation for those who have gone above and beyond to exceed expectations and perform their job duties.

Whether for a job done well or an act of selflessness in the community, it is about empowering our Team and supporting an environment of positive energy. And, with the season of appreciation upon us, we wanted to take an extra moment to highlight a few of this year’s Tag stories to show how grateful we are to have the Team that we do:


   This May, Omar Ramirez witnessed a traffic collision involving two cars and a gas tanker. When struck, the gas tanker flipped over, crashed into the side rail and began to pour gasoline onto the highway. After assessing the situation, Omar ran to another of the vehicles that had flipped over and helped pry open the driver’s door. He immediately turned off the car and proceeded to pull out the two women within (mother and daughter). While sustaining minor injuries and burns on his left leg, Omar helped to ensure the two women were able to enjoy another Mother’s Day.


   A client comment is the most valuable feedback we can get, so we are always excited to hear that our Team Members have succeeded in exceeding expectations. Brandon Ferreria received feedback from one of our clients, York Risk Servicing, after assisting them with critical box pulls and shipments as mandated by York’s end clients. The client stated that Brandon’s spirit of service and consistent going above and beyond has helped them retain clients and support the needs of York. Furthermore, the client said Brandon’s out-of-the-box thinking and service are why they do business with Access.


   Finally, sometimes the recognition and appreciation from a peer can be more impactful than that of a leader or client. Kay Eads has often put her Team Members first, which is why her tag was not a surprise. Kay helped a coworker on a project that had to be completed promptly, and stepped forward to make our client a top priority, despite also having to complete her own workload. Her coworker was so grateful that she tagged Kay saying, “I Just want to say THANK YOU, because way too often we get caught up in our own work and forget to lend a hand to our coworkers.”


This Thanksgiving we hope the spirit of service and helping others is with you. Kindness promotes more kindness and gratitude brings an abundance of goodness with it. If we take a few minutes each day, not just at Thanksgiving, to remember what we are grateful for, just think what a positive place the world could be.