According to the Department of Natural Resources in Canada (NRCAN), Canada is the fourth largest producer of oil and the third largest exporter of oil in the world. And of that, 98% of Canada’s oil exports go to the United States. This large market, like many others like it in North America, continues to navigate the affects of the pandemic.

Oil and gas companies often struggle with the transition to digitization as it is a complex process in a highly regulated industry that is more comfortable working with physical records. With the transition to today’s remote work environment, digital access to information is a must, but it’s not always an easy or intuitive process when looking to get started. And that’s why so many in the industry are looking for guidance and resources to help begin those first steps on their digital transformation journeys based on their own organization’s strategies and goals.

To answer this need, Access is releasing the newly published Information Digitization Playbook co-developed with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administrators’ (CAPLA). Based in Calgary, Alberta, CAPLA is one of the largest oil and gas membership associations in the country with approximately 800 members. In Canada, CAPLA represents land administration professionals working in the energy industry.

This comprehensive new interactive resource titled Adventures in Digitization: The Electronic Land Files (ELF) Playbook, will help energy companies navigate the process of transitioning through the complex information digitization process. Its ‘choose your own adventure’ experience offers a fun but structured approach to help companies choose their own path according to where they are in the digitization journey today. Access and CAPLA will co-host a webinar on January 26, 2021, to support its launch.

The new Playbook is expected to be a game-changer for navigating through these challenging economic times, regardless of where a company is in its digital transformation journey. Energy companies will be able to put this in-depth resource to work straight away by simply familiarizing themselves of the steps and stages required to move from paper documentation to digital files. Over three years in the making, the Playbook draws on the expertise of several land professionals from a variety of Canadian and North American oil and gas companies.

Mike Flynn, Executive Director at CAPLA, commented, “As we were in the process of developing the content of the ELF Playbook, the global COVID-19 pandemic changed how we do business – including how we ensure easy and secure access to our files. The completion of this guidebook then became even more urgent. Our members have shared that the timing for the playbook release couldn’t be better and we are so pleased to be able to provide this additional value for them.”

“Ultimately, especially in this challenging economic time, we want to help companies succeed as they start to take on such strategic initiatives,” explained Martha Gallagher, VP Marketing at Access. “We can help to empower organizations via seamless access to information across their organization, regardless of location or time.  And in this case, we saw the need to provide the industry with a resource that walks through the various stages of digital transformation to facilitate smoother transitions. Access has the right expertise, solutions and services to back it all up.”

Added Flynn, “Every organization and land department is unique and at different stages in their digitization journey. There is not a “one size fits all” model when it comes to moving through the digitization process.”

CAPLA and Access are excited to co-host a webinar on Tuesday, January 26 at 12:00pm MT/1:00pm CT/2:00pm ET to introduce the playbook to North American energy and land professionals. The Playbook itself will be available to download from both websites following the release event, and registrants will automatically be offered the Playbook post-event.

Members and non-members are welcome to register for the event on the CAPLA website.

To download the playbook, check out this page!