Controlling the exposure of sensitive information is a top priority for many businesses today, meaning that the work that document destruction companies do has never been more important. Your customers, clients, and employees are counting on you to keep their sensitive information safe.  When it comes time for your business to securely dispose of sensitive information, we recommend certified document destruction services. 

The Importance of Secure Document Destruction

It is easier than ever for your business to have sensitive information securely disposed of. Certified shredding services are secure, clear up valuable office space, keep you in compliance with the law, and require next to no time from your employees. By allowing us to come to you, you can free up your team so that they can focus on daily operations while we see to the secure destruction of sensitive information. This is why secure shredding services are so valuable for so many different businesses. 

Schedule Rotation for Secure Document Shredding

For businesses that require regular document destruction, we recommend a scheduled rotation of secure shredding bins. You can invest in either a shred bin or a discreet executive console. Both are secure, and when they are full, we pick them up and dispose of the contents in a safe and secure manner. We maintain a rigorous chain of custody to instill confidence in the security of your documents. 

One-Time Document Purge 

For businesses that do not see a substantial buildup of documents, a one-time document purge is the ideal choice.  Document purges are an excellent way to clean out the office; they require no contract and offer a secure and documented means to destroy sensitive records. You can drop off the records at one of our locations, or we can come to you, saving you time and trouble. 

Certified Shredding Services: Efficient, Green, Compliant

The destruction services noted above offer flexibility, security, and simplicity for businesses that utilize them.  Through our commercial shredding services, your business can shed excess documentation around the office, ensure government compliance, and stay green. Certified shredding solutions are the future of document management in the workplace. They have helped countless businesses streamline their processes while increasing control over their sensitive information, and they can do the same for you.