Last month our Atlanta Team came together to assemble 100 hygiene packets for the local homeless men and women. Essential, everyday items like soap, lotion, washrags, combs, shampoo and dental health supplies were put together to help the homeless of Atlanta with their daily lives.

The Team Members donated their time during the workweek to ensure the kits could be handed out during a weekend event, and were even able to assemble more than 100 lunches for the homeless as well.


That weekend, the Atlanta Team loaded up the Access van and made their way to a vacant lot across from a local homeless shelter, where the homeless gather every Saturday. The hygiene kits and lunches were provided to those individuals who could not be accommodated by the local shelter, due to short supplies.


After the event, GM John Fitzgerald remarked that, “The event was very rewarding and was a great team exercise that allowed Access to give back.  We already have volunteers anxious to volunteer for our next quarterly event to give back to the community.”

We’re so glad Team Atlanta was able to put this event together and we can’t wait to see what else comes from these amazing Team Members! Stay tuned to hear about the team’s next big event!