The Challenge

A distributed, international organization looking for an effective solution in place to bridge the gap between paper and digital HR files

The Solution

Access’ document management software, CartaHR

The Results

  • Centralized 30,000+ employee records in a compliant manner
  • Provided easy, real-time, secure access to employee files world-wide
  • The ability to securely share HR documents without having to rely on fax or take extra security measures

About This Client

Industry: Hospitality
Company Size: Enterprise, 30,000+ employees
Locations: 8,000 US & International


The company’s 30,000+ employees serve in a wide variety of roles, ranging from corporate positions to hotel staff; a significant majority of these roles are field-based, and in some cases, the use of on-site digital employee HR documentation isn’t feasible. At the same time, the company’s breadth and scale, coupled with the structure of its workforce, make it critical to have an effective solution in place to bridge the gap between paper and digital HR files.

Geographically distributed workforce across time zones and continents

The company needed an easier way to quickly and securely share employee documents from their hotels and properties from continent to continent without the hassle of delays due to distance.

Not always practical or possible to create digital documents on-site

Many hospitality employees do not have access to computers on the job, so they are not able to complete digital forms on-site.

Security and access controls around sharing of information are mission-critical for HR team

The organization is committed to employee data security through permissioned online access rather than sharing via email or sending paper files.

The Solution – Migrating To A Digital Platform

CartaHR enables the organization to bridge the divide between digital and hardcopy records quickly, easily and securely, freeing up the HR team’s valuable time to focus on serving the needs of the business.

Efficient bridge between physical and digital employee documentation

In an environment where ready access to digital HR forms may not always be possible, capturing HR documentation in paper format and converting it to digital for storage within the cloud-based CartaHR platform enabled the HR teams to reduce the amount of paper stored on-property, while at the same time merge digital and physical documents onto a single platform.

Easy access to views of employee HR files in real-time from across the globe

Document indexing and retrieval allows quick and secure access to employee files no matter where the employee works. Compliance and certification or licensure reviews and audits that might have taken days in hardcopy format can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Straightforward mechanism for secure sharing of files within organization and with outside counsel

Secure file rooms with timed links and granular permissions on the CartaHR platform make sharing individual employees’ HR files (or if preferred, just individual documents within those files) quick, easy and secure.

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