The Challenge

To transform a labor-intensive, paper-based filing system for employee documents into a more efficient, collaborative, secure and integrated digitized system

The Solution

Access’ scanning service and CartaHR with integration to Workday, their Human Capital Management System (HCM)

The Results

  • Increased productivity – digital access to employee documents represents a 50% to 60% time savings over the legacy paper-based system
  • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Unparalleled convenience for HR team members working in the office or remotely
  • Greater security, thanks to prescriptive system access permissions

About Client

Industry: Retail
Company Size: Enterprise 1000+ employees
Location: United States


time savings using CartaHR over the old manual system

“With paper employee records, retrieving information was never as simple as grabbing a file from a nearby cabinet. Now, using CartaHR, it’s possible to retrieve a digital employee file in between responding to emails. The new level of convenience is such a luxury."HR Operations Team Leader, Online Retailer

The Challenge

This online retailer was familiar with selling products and serving its customers through digital channels. When it came to HR documents, however, paper files and manual processes were the norm. All HR employee documents were stored in a dedicated file room at company headquarters.

The HR Operations team recognized that they needed to update their incumbent process to enable better efficiency and streamline file access for HR specialists. One of the biggest challenges to the HR Operation was the time it took to locate and access employee documents; approximately 20-30 minutes – hampering productivity. Prior to the implementation of the CartaHR solution, in order to access sensitive employee information, the team needed to walk to the file room, unlock the door, search through physical files to locate the required documents, ensure the room was locked again before leaving, and return to their desks to process specific requests, up to five times per week. Their goal was to digitize this process so they could reduce the time to access their information to just minutes.

Additionally, the safety and protection of employee documents was a high priority. “We also wanted to proactively ensure business continuity in case of a fire or other disaster, make accessing and updating employee information quicker and more feasible, and move into the digital age,” explained the HR Operations Team Lead.

The Solution

After evaluating different employee document management solutions, the HR Operations Team made the decision to deploy CartaHR by Access. The HR Operations Team handled the initial document preparation and Access then completed the scanning of termed and active employee files. The implementation process went smoothly and lived up to the team’s expectations.

CartaHR is integrated with Workday, the company’s HCM system. To maintain security, the team implemented permissions that dictate which HR specialists can access various records and folders. The Information Security department particularly appreciates this functionality.

The HR Operations Team scans new employee files and CartaHR will then manage these digital documents for the remainder of their lifecycle. Within CartaHR, the HR team can send e-form campaigns to target groups or to the entire organization. After employees e-sign documents, CartaHR automatically sorts them into the employee files. Employees can use the CartaHR dashboard to review and complete documents, add signatures, and forward documents for approval. In addition, CartaHR’s electronic file rooms provide secure online repositories to facilitate document audits, legal holds, and discovery.

Ease of access is the best way to describe our experience with CartaHR. It’s a game changer – the convenience is a luxury. We have peace of mind, knowing that our HR files are safe and secure.”HR Operations Team Lead, Online Retail Company

The Results

Digitizing employee records in CartaHR has significantly increased the HR team’s productivity and efficiency. These benefits were magnified during the COVID-19 pandemic; with employees working offsite, digital access to employee files was incredibly valuable.

“With paper employee records, retrieving information was never as simple as grabbing a file from a nearby cabinet. Now, using CartaHR, it’s possible to retrieve a digital employee file in between responding to emails. The new level of convenience is such a luxury,” said the HR Operations Team Lead.

Everything is now searchable within CartaHR and it takes just a couple of clicks to access and share information quickly and easily. Pulling paper employee files used to take 20 to 30 minutes. Today, the process requires just a few minutes, representing a 50% to 60% time savings over the old manual system.

“The biggest benefit has been the ease of finding what we need online. The increased peace of mind has really been significant,” said the HR Operations Team Lead.