Production of Information

The production of information, whether personal, proprietary or benign, has been growing exponentially; in the last two years alone, more data has been created than in the entire history of the human race prior to that time! When considering protected health information (PHI), legal forms, business trade secrets and the myriad types of financial documents out there, there’s no wonder why the governance of this information has become a hot topic and an increasing priority for businesses and organizations throughout all industries. Especially with studies estimating that one third of all data will pass through the cloud by 2020, expounding confidentiality issues, and that the average legal penalties are $8.5 million for those failing to produce electronically stored data.

So What Exactly is Information Governance?

While the exact definition itself depends on the industry professional asked, at Access, we like the simplicity of Chris Walker’s definition:

“Information Governance is all the rules, regulations, legislation, standards and policies with which organizations need to comply when they create, share and use information.”

In essence, it is everything having to do with the formation, utilization, storage and deletion of information – whether it is a document, electronic content or any other form of record.

How Access Can Help

In today’s litigious and heavily regulated environment, records management professionals face challenges enforcing increasingly complex records management policies. It is necessary to manage both digital documents, whether born digital or created digitally, as well as paper records throughout your organization, regardless of whether they are kept onsite or offsite with a records management provider. You need a solution that helps your organization comply with prevailing laws and regulations, mitigate compliance risks and increase operational efficiency through business process automation and timely, defensible disposal of expired records.

Access provides two powerful Information Governance and Records Management Technology solutions, FileBRIDGE Governance and OmniRIM PRM.

Learn how our solutions can also ensure your compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.

FileBRIDGE Governance

FileBRIDGE Governance is a powerful cloud-based records management solution that enables organizations to access, protect and defensibly control both physical and digital documents. With FileBRIDGE Governance, record managers can use any internet-connected device to find out which documents they have, where the documents are located, and how long to keep each document. This centralized data and secure environment allows organizations to enforce consistent classification, retention and disposal policies, helps them to comply with regulations and protects them against litigation.

The platform’s innovative features include:

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Built-in workflows to preserve chain of custody
  • Comprehensive legal holds
  • Smart bar coding
  • Combined shipments
  • Transactional integrations with popular off-site record storage providers
  • Analytics to transform operational data into strategic information

OmniRIM™ Physical Records Management Suite

OmniRIM™ PRM is a sophisticated, on-premise solution that gives organizations the power to manage and regulate their business-critical information. It streamlines business processes and reduces the risks and costs of controlling records for compliance and legal discovery throughout their lifecycle.

Specializing in records management for over 20 years, OmniRIM has demonstrated its industry leadership with governmental and internationally recognized Fortune 1000 enterprise clients. The OmniRIM technology is a trusted records management solution that has passed rigorous audits in heavily regulated industries.