The Digital World Has Led to an Information Explosion

Privacy questions are on the rise with focus on big data, analytics, and e-discovery. What records should be kept? For how long? And where?

Records managers face increasingly complex information security policies for both digital documents and paper records. This applies to information throughout your organization stored onsite, offsite, or in the cloud.

Achieving regulatory compliance starts with understanding your company’s information governance and responsibilities. If you haven’t established clear records retention guidelines, you run the risk of falling short of regulatory compliance requirements.

Why is information governance important?

  • Discover what documents you have, their location, and how long to keep them
  • Increase operational efficiency through process automation
  • Enforce consistent classification, records retention and disposal policies, and other information governance best practices
  • Comply with regulations and mitigate litigation, improving risk management processes
Digital world graphic being touched. Information governance in the digital world.

What is Information Governance?

Information Governance (IG) is everything having to do with the capture, formation, usage, storage and deletion of information. It spans paper records, electronic documents, data, and any other kind of content. In addition to records retention and information management (RIM), information governance (IG) draws on legal, risk, and IT expertise to protect, use, and drive value across the organization and establish regulatory compliance.

“Information Governance is all the rules, regulations, legislation, standards and policies with which organizations need to comply when they create, share and use information.”

– Chris Walker, VP of AIIM Canada

A Full Range of Information Governance Solutions

Our full-service information governance process begins with a comprehensive audit and assessment of existing records management policies, processes, and documentation. Access establishes record retention guidelines for your company so you can meet regulatory compliance requirements. We then create and implement a unique information governance program to address gaps, shore up weaknesses, tackle change management, and create a roadmap for successful execution.

Records Retention Schedules

The backbone of a defensible records and information management program is a sound retention schedule. We’ll help you create a comprehensive, state-of-the-art schedule that meets all operational and regulatory compliance requirements.

Information Governance Policy

A consistent set of information governance (IG) policies in support of a retention schedule is crucial to effectively control, protect, and manage your company’s information. Feel daunting? It’s easy to get started with the right people in the room. Let Access develop your robust records retention schedule!

Retention and Privacy Compliance Software

Simplify retention schedule updates, citations, and more with Virgo. With over 170,000 requirements tracked across 200 jurisdictions worldwide, our legal research team ensures up-to-date retention policies.

Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory environment continues to evolve quickly as privacy concerns amplify. We’ll help you create a centralized document management program that ensures compliance with your information governance policies, and with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, and more.

Your Complete Information Management and Governance Solution

We specialize in retention policy and schedule creation, and holistic information governance support including compliance and data privacy, coupled with years of expertise in traditional records and information management. This allows us to offer a full-service approach to managing the entire information lifecycle as we align your information management policy and procedures.

Bridging Retention Scheduling Software and Records Management Software

Simplify retention schedule updates, citations, and more with Virgo. With over 170,000 requirements tracked across 200 jurisdictions worldwide, our legal research team ensures up-to-date retention policies.

Virgo provides:

  • Research Database: Track over 170,000 requirements across hundreds of jurisdictions in over 120 countries & counting
  • Retention Management: Create global, entity, or departmental retention schedules and attach citations to record series to support it
  • Search and Reporting: Search schedules and citations across a variety of metadata points. Print reports and export data in PDF, Word, Excel and CSV
  • Employee Portal: Customize views for each employee group and support a familiar search experience
  • Cloud Access: Available via all major web browsers as a SaaS platform
  • Powerful Security: Manage access with strong user controls and a complete audit trail

FileBRIDGE Records, a cloud-based records management solution, enables organizations to access, protect, and defensibly control both physical and digital documents.

With FileBRIDGE Records, record managers gain access to:

  • Physical and digital document management
  • Comprehensive file security
  • Real-time reports and metrics
  • Project and schedule management
  • Destruction management
  • Intelligent retention and data governance
  • Onsite and offsite inventory management
  • Enhanced inventory search and ordering capabilities
  • Broad range of reporting options at your fingertips
  • Chain-of-custody and governance adherence
  • Capability on any device

“We needed a partner who knew and understood our commitment to the community and was willing to work with us, financially. Access quickly became our one place to go for all of our information management needs.”

Seth Katz
Associate Chief Information Officer, Truman Medical Centers
Tony Skarupa, Chief Executive Officer at Access

See how Access can help you create and implement an Information Governance Program that fits your unique needs.