Immediate Access: How Active File Service Powers Your Digital Transformation

Employees and clients demand a digital-first experience, requiring work-from-anywhere spaces and readily accessible documents. To stay competitive, you have to provide safe, secure, on-demand access to digital files, 24/7.

Access Unify | Active File Service delivers on the promise of the paperless office. How?

  • Industry-leading turnaround time — SLA Guarantee of 4 hours or fewer
  • Digital delivery of read-only active paper files
  • Digitization and indexing of key files
  • Integration into existing document management solutions

No hunting. No lengthy requests. Just access. That’s how active file management transforms your work experience.

What is Active File Service?

Outsourcing the management of your digitized records means more than just getting rid of paper. It means establishing a document management system that facilitates smarter, more efficient workflows.

Active file service starts with your most active documents and makes them immediately accessible as read-only files to anyone granted permission.

Your program will continuously grow as organizations digitize and evolve over time.

This is not a one-off project. It is a daily evolution, a transformation of the way you work. At Access, we consider the larger document lifecycle. Your retention, governance, and security needs evolve along with your digital transformation.

The Benefits of Active File Service

There are two primary ways that active file management benefits your business.

  • Aiding your employees with day-to-day operations
  • Rapid transformation to a premier digital model

Active File Service As an Everyday Tool

How much time do employees spend looking for important files? Are they hunting through digital folders? Searching through physical boxes? Requesting files from storage facilities? All of it? All of that is wasted time.

Active File Service means:

  • Never having to fill out internal forms
  • Never having to hunt down active files
  • Never having to track down a records manager

When records managers become Access Unify digital file experts, they increase their efficacy to pull reports, facilitate requests, and orchestrate through a technology-enabled service. This increases throughput, efficiency and productivity, allowing them to focus on higher value, strategic initiatives.

Active File Service To Speed Your Digital Transformation

Moving to a paperless environment doesn’t happen overnight. It has to be gradual, making sure your processes, your technology, and your people move along with the change — and not be left behind.

With Active File Service, you can report on your organization’s strategic initiatives based on advanced analytics and business metrics such as retrieval frequency, delivery time, access rates, system usage, and more.

Access is prepared to grow our capabilities upon learning more about your goals and evolving needs overtime. Your organization will immediately benefit from improved turnaround times, on-demand analytics, and detailed reporting on active files.

Predict Costs and Protect Your Bottom Line

Access Unify | Active File Service is priced as a predictable fixed monthly fee, which allows your business to integrate cost recovery if desired while reducing overall operating costs.

What can you do when you digitize your files with a fixed-fee service?

  • Manage your budget
  • Plan your operating costs
  • Repurpose real estate
  • Maximize your space
  • Manage leasing agreements

Take the uncertainty of file management out of your budget. Control your costs while maximizing efficiency.

Get Active With Your File Management

Ready to power your secure digital transformation? We’re excited to get you started.

Let’s get started!

Digital Delivery of Your Active Paper Files

Your workforce may be hybrid. It may be in-office. It may be in houses across the region or spread across the world. But it doesn’t matter if employees are sharing files from cube-to-cube or continent-to-continent: they need them now.

Once paper files become digital, they can be delivered immediately. Digital delivery of your active paper files means no more waiting.

Intuitive, easy-to-use search functions bring your most active files to the top while making it easier to find less-active files. With digital delivery, files are now a click away.

Easy Integration With Your Current Document Management Systems

Nothing slows down a digital transformation more than having to switch applications and systems. It becomes easy to stick with what you have rather than doing a complete overhaul, even if that hurts your move toward a paperless office.

With Access Unify, you don’t have to switch. You can use our convenient online portal or your existing records management platform to request and securely access your files on-demand.

Document Management Solutions

Access is compatible with the world’s leading document management solutions. You don’t need to start over. Work faster. Work more securely. Work with what you already know best.

  • FileTrail
  • NetDocuments
  • SharePoint
  • Access Unify Portal

Ensure Security and Privacy with Access Unify

Outsourcing the management of your active files is about increasing security. Storing your files onsite in an unsecure environment or in a high-traffic area is dangerous and puts your organization at risk according to regulatory, security, and information governance best practices.

In the event of a fire, hurricane, flood, or theft, your organization is at serious risk without a redundancy or business continuity plan in place. Access Unify leverages our extensive network of secure, certified locations in over 140 cities worldwide.

Now you can simultaneously plan for disaster recovery and mitigate the risk of regulatory and privacy non-compliance by utilizing Access’ PRISM Privacy+ storage facilities and vaults which offer advanced security and fire suppression technology to ensure that your active files are always protected.

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