Twinkle Gupta
Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer, Twinkle focuses on leading Access’ product management and user experience teams to enable continued software and technology improvements for optimal levels of client success. Throughout her distinguished career, Twinkle has quickly ascended to leadership based on impactful performance results, outstanding leadership and expertise. Her focus on product and organizational transformation, data-driven results and client success has enabled her to deliver best-in-class results and partnerships across organizations to help continually grow the business. Previously, Twinkle was Group Vice President of Global Growth and Retention at Gartner, where she led and inspired a multifaceted global organization across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and in emerging markets. She also drove client retention and growth, delivering on a 18x ROI, and retaining more than 85% of Gartner’s strategic clients. Twinkle holds a BSE in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Duke University and an MSE in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University.