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About Our Records Management Services in Lugoff, SC

Securely store your records near you, and where you're never more than a click away from retrieving critical documents. With Access:

  • Organize both physical and electronic documents
  • Protect your assets across the entire records lifecycle
  • Restrict or grant records access to the right employees and stakeholders
  • Maintain full regulatory compliance—no matter your industry

Our records management platform, FileBRIDGE Records gives you complete control and 24/7 access to manage and govern your secure file storage.

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Offsite Storage and Document Storage in Lugoff, SC

Store physical documents and other media in a highly secure, offsite storage facility near you. Access' records storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security protocols that monitor and protect your records 24/7.

We provide climate-controlled, weather- and fire-protected facilities for both paper and multimedia records. Keep film, video, x-rays, and tape backups from deteriorating due to environmental exposure and handling factors.

And if that's not secure enough: Consider underground storage vaults. These facilities are located hundreds of feet below ground to keep your business-critical records safe.

All Access records centers and vaults are PRISM Privacy+ Certified.

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Lugoff, SC Digital Conversion and Document Scanning Services

Access helps you consolidate information across locations and departments, reduce redundancies, and improve your ability to find what you need by converting your paper documents to digital files.

High-quality scanning and imaging services can handle digital conversion projects of every size and type. Convert legacy records of any media type to electronic ones, and seamlessly integrate new digital documents into existing information management workflows.

Our document scanning and data capture services ensure consistent classification and indexing—without sacrificing retrievability or security.

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Secure Destruction Services and Document Shredding in Lugoff, SC

Your data security is worth more than a shredder you get at the store. We provide secure document shredding services and hard drive destruction solutions that keep you safe and maintain all regulatory compliance.

  • Shred papers and documents thoroughly
  • Destroy electronic media completely
  • Clear valuable office space
  • Support green initiatives

Access can also help ensure the legal and compliant destruction of media files:

  • Total destruction of computer hard drives / CPUs, with details logged
  • Data destruction services take place within 3 business days
  • Meet NAID certification requirements
  • Certificate of destruction provided

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Information Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Information Governance is everything having to do with the capture, formation, usage, storage, and deletion of information. It keeps your company, employee, and customer information safe, secure, and compliant.

  • Meet and maintain data retention and disposal compliance with relevant laws, policies, and regulations like HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, and GLBA
  • Reduce your risk of fraud, theft, or abuse of customer or company confidential information
  • Limit or eliminate exposure to significant fines, penalties, and legal liabilities
  • Avoid harm to your reputation, trust, and customer loyalty

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Records Retention and Destruction Regulations in Lugoff, South Carolina

South Carolina State and Local Government Records Schedules

The Public Records Act (Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976, as amended, Sections 30-1-10 through 30-1-170) provides the basis for the South Carolina Department of Archives and History state agency and local government records retention schedules.

State Agency General Schedules

  • State Colleges and Universities
  • Administrative
  • Personnel
  • Data

Local Government General Schedules

  • School District
  • Municipal
  • County
  • Court
  • Magistrate and Municipal Court

View South Carolina General Schedules.

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