Branch Address

7422 Fraser Park Drive
Burnaby, BC V5J 5B9


Sales and Support

Access Sales: 403-463-5443
Access Support: 800-377-3453

Secure Records in Vancouver

Serving as the heart of Metro Vancouver, the City of Burnaby is home to a diverse array of businesses and organizations that have equally diverse records and information management needs. Located in the heart of the City of Burnaby, this Access location is equipped to provide these businesses with the right solution.

Bordered by the Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park and with a beautiful view of the Fraser River, this location provides paper shredding and off-site records storage services not only to Burnaby but the Greater Vancouver area. We help organizations across all industries and sizes as they pursue recycling and green initiatives by scanning and then recycling destroyed documents that are outside their lifespan.

We’ve helped companies across Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and beyond as they:

  • Reclaim lost time and money through streamlined business processes
  • Go greener by taking the journey toward being a digital-first organization
  • Stay compliant and avoid costly fines and litigation fees

We do this through:

  • Secure and sustainable end-to-end paper shredding services
  • Scanning and converting documents so you can take steps toward being paperless office
  • Defense against fire, theft, and other disasters by keeping your valuable information in our off-site storage facilities
  • Centralizing all your documents with our software solutions for document management