The Access Oklahoma Difference.

Your business’ vital records, digital media and file systems contain sensitive information about your company and clients. That’s why you need a document management partner that you can trust to provide the highest levels of security, delivered with the VERY BEST service available. Welcome to Access Oklahoma: we have earned experience throughout a wide range of industries AND the innovative technologies and encrypted systems to manage all of your paper and digital documents, in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Oklahoma Document Scanning and Storage Services

While our full-suite of flexible and scalable retention and destruction program solutions can be tailored to fit your company’s exact needs, they are only a part of what we consider the Access difference. At Access Oklahoma, our Team of records management professionals is committed to providing you with an unparalleled level of customer service; and we are committed to taking care of them, and our local communities, just as well. We call them the Three C’s (Client, Community and Company), and they are the backbone of our success.
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Making OK Our Home

Founded in 2004, Access has grown and expanded greatly throughout the years, earning our reputation as one of the fastest growing and most dynamic document management companies. We entered the Oklahoma market in 2016, when we acquired 15 Recall operations, and we look forward to the next opportunities that this great state can present to us.

Quality Service All Over Oklahoma

Oklahoma may be composed of 77 counties, but no matter which city your business is located in – whether Oklahoma City, Norman, Arcadia or Tulsa – we’ll be there for you.

Comprehensive OK Records Management Solutions

You need to concentrate on the important task of running your business, and don’t need to get overwhelmed by the challenges associated with the various physical and digital records that need to be stored, organized or destroyed. That’s where Access Oklahoma comes in; our comprehensive records management solutions include:

  • Secure record centers and storage vaults for your physical and sensitive files, such as confidential customer information or microfilm and video records.
  • Encrypted interfaces with innovative technologies to easily monitor, manage and retrieve your files.
  • Document destruction and recycling facilities capable of handling all forms of physical media, including computer equipment.

Oklahoma Year-End Review

Data breaches have become so prevalent that many have come to think of them as minor obstacles. But they’re wrong –  a data breach will cost a corporation over $3.5 million, on average. Oklahoma is doing their best to keep your business safe:


Oklahoma Locations

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