Welcome to the Access Family

We’re proud to have acquired Montaña & Associates, and honored to continue and expand services to our new clients. We’re dedicated to delivering you the best and most up-to-date information governance guidance, today, tomorrow, and beyond.

What Does it Mean to Partner with Access?

Partnering with Access means you have a information management services provider dedicated to delivering you the very best customer service and experience. We’re not a faceless corporation where clients are numbers on a sheet. With us, you get:

  • Secure shredding, document scanning, and records storage services
  • A broad suite of information management solutions
  • Dedicated customer care teams that work to meet your unique needs
  • Experts that provide creative and customized solutions for digital and physical information management
  • A team that treats your data as your most valuable product
  • Humans who care about getting the job done right

That’s the Access difference: experts who are on your side, day and night.

Your Access Information Management® Services

We’re still covering your information governance needs. And we’re adding a lot more possibilities. Whether in the office or working remote, you deserve information management services that are robust and flexible. Your new services include:

Shredding and Destruction

Keep your data safe, whether it’s in paper documents or hard drives. Our unmatched security and thorough disposal techniques give you peace of mind.

Conversion and Document Scanning

Reduce clutter, improve governance, and increase operational efficiency with our scanning programs. These include:


Your critical information is growing. Your regulations are becoming more complex. You want to avoid any fines or penalties that come with non-compliance. Our full range of storage services keep you secure. These include:

Information Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Proper information governance keeps your company, employee, and customer information safe, secure, and compliant. Having a complete system in place makes sure that you stay on the right side of regulations. Our solution includes:

Data Breach Response

Hackers are getting better. Sometimes they get through. But a breach doesn’t have to be a disaster…if you have the right response. Our team makes sure you expect the unexpected, and are protected against a breach. Our response services include:

Document Management Software

Our complete suite of cloud-based document management software is uniquely designed for your business needs. Store, catalog, and access documents across all your team, business lines, and geographies, while easily integrating across all business solutions.

Proud to Be Serving the United States
(and Beyond)

Map of North America Access paper shredding facilities across the US

We have more than 130 locations across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. If we’re not in your city, in most cases we have a location nearby that can service you.