Records Management Solutions for Schools and Universities

Unlike traditional document management vendors that cannot – or will not – fully understand and address your specific needs, Access has the unique ability to provide forward-thinking educational institutions with flexible, scalable and customizable solutions. We are dedicated to helping you reduce costs, improve efficiencies and maintain compliance, so that you can truly enjoy the very best service.



While practices within schools and universities can differ immensely, the need to remain compliant with applicable regulations is universal. Such compliance can:

  • Ensure the privacy of student records.
  • Mitigate risks of theft and fraud.
  • Reduce the potential for fines and legal liability.
  • Decrease the possibility of negative publicity.

By partnering with Access, we can help you create and properly implement a physical and digital information asset policy that can lead to improved student services, business processes and overall organizational efficiencies.

Using our global expertise and earned experience within the educational arena, we will guarantee a policy that:

  • Protects the privacy of student education records in accordance with the Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Corresponds with the principles for protecting personal information established by the Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs).
  • Maintains the confidentiality of personally identifiable student information pertaining to special education, in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
  • Safeguards the protected health information (PHI) of students as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).




Elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools must adhere to regulations regarding the retention of their physical records. At Access, our local records management experts have the industry experience to help you create retention programs that meet all of the necessary requirements for the PII and PHI pertaining to your students and faculty. These programs not only ensure compliance, but can also reduce program costs by improving your space utilization.

Our PRISM Privacy+ Certified record centers offer innovative safety features that include:

  • Continuously-operating video surveillance systems, both internally and externally.
  • Established inventory tracking procedures, based on container- and tape-level barcodes.
  • Internal processes that help maintain an unbroken chain of custody.
  • Complimentary access to our powerful technologies and analytics, to securely assess and manage your inventory online.

For those documents and files that require a higher level of protection, or are susceptible to deterioration (like microfilm), we also offer fire-safe vaults with temperature-regulating systems and biometric fingerprint requirements.




By digitally converting your physical records, administrators, faculty, students and alumni will be able to easily share, access and append files across campuses and networks, no matter the distance. In addition, synthesizing physical and digital information assets allows you to categorize and file related records together, helping to ensure that documents are no longermisplaced, duplicated or lost entirely.

Our document imaging and scan-on-demand services can streamline the tasks associated with applications, enrollment, financial aid, tuition, transfers, payroll/benefits, special programs, athletics and alumni outreach without sacrificing security or user authorization. Our powerful technologies and analytics also allow you to:

  • Provide retention, access and destruction audit trails.
  • Monitor access and activities for suspicious behaviors.
  • Tailor permission levels to control retrievals.

At Access, we have extensive experience in scanning the many documents needed by colleges, universities and other forward-thinking schools, including:

  • Student Records
  • Personnel Records
  • Alumni Records
  • Administrative Documents
  • Enrollment Applications
  • Teaching Contracts
  • Scholarship and Grant Documents
  • FundRaising Data
  • Class Schedules
  • Transcripts
  • Official Test Scores
  • Invoices

As an added benefit, we have redundant data centers to guarantee your records are safe from natural disasters and are always available via secure internet connections.



Your staff, faculty, administrators and other departments require records access to quickly and efficiently make decisions regarding their classes and duties. FERPA also allows parents and eligible students to review education records and request corrections to any that they believe erroneous or misleading.

Without a comprehensive records management and document retrieval program in place, limited resources, inexperienced staff and inefficient systems can create challenges, slow down processes, increase costs and reduce customer confidence.

Let Access help. We have the global capabilities and in-depth experience to ensure physical and digital retrieval requests are fulfilled promptly, and according to the specific needs of your school or university.

When a digital copy of a physical record is requested, we will make it accessible through our encrypted interface, or integrate our system with your existing ERP solutions, student information systems or custom portals and import it there directly. Authorized users can then retrieve, review and annotate the files, whenever and wherever needed.

When physical file requests are received, along with any necessary signed authorizations, we will locate and deliver the documents to you promptly, ensuring that you meet deadlines, remain compliant and increase administrative efficiencies.




Physical records that exceed their retention requirements increase your storage needs and costs, while the improper destruction of materials leaves you susceptible to fines, penalties and possible security breaches. Don’t fall victim to these easy mistakes; let Access help you establish a compliant destruction schedule and securely dispose of your relevant records.

At Access, we have in-depth experience working with the human resources, accounting, operations, admissions, student affairs and personnel departments of forward-thinking educational institutions throughout the U.S. and abroad. We have taken the time to truly understand the needs of each school, college or university in order to create customized document destruction programs to mitigate risks and save costs. In addition, we guarantee compliance with all applicable regulations, as well as flexible and scalable destruction options, by retaining facilities with NAID AAA and PCI DSS compliant certifications.