Records Management for Retail Businesses

Considering the need to mitigate risks associated with potential data breaches, it’s imperative that forward-thinking retail companies synthesize and protect all of their physical and digital information assets through a secure records maintenance, storage and destruction program.

Whether global, national or regional, retail institutions are responsible for a vast amount of sensitive financial information, including:

  • Business-related expense reports.
  • Quarterly and yearly performance statements.
  • Employee compensation records.
  • Customer credit applications.
  • Client charge accounts.
  • Vendor and client payment submissions.

Let Access help. Unlike traditional document management vendors, we understand your specific needs and address them with flexible and scalable solutions.


With Access, you can rely on our established industry experience to streamline your retail documentation processes while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

  • Store sensitive financial and personally identifiable information (PII) securely.
  • Simplify tasks and streamline processes with document scanning and indexing solutions.
  • Import and manage credit applications and other customer documents.
  • Control access to physical and digital assets, while easily sharing as necessary.
  • Retrieve documents via an encrypted interface or secure and prompt deliveries.


State and federal regulations dictate retention and disposal schedules for PII and other sensitive information.

Remain compliant and reduce the storage space needed for outdated documents by partnering with Access for your record and document shredding needs.

Our destruction services include environmentally friendly disposal solutions, and can be scheduled around the specific needs of your retail business. Contact us for a free consultation and let your staff concentrate on the everyday tasks of helping customers and facilitating sales.

Additional information on our RIM solutions for businesses are also available.