2 min watch – Evolve the physical & digital management of your records, with legal file digitization and digital delivery of your active files in under 4 hours with Access Unify™ | Active File Service.


Amidst a hectic day of searching for files, the introduction of Access Unify streamlines the process, eliminating the need for manual searches and calls. The system improves turnaround times, saves space, and enhances governance, allowing users to efficiently manage records.


This is my day, like every other, a non-stop to-do list.

“I have a request for Carter v. Davis for Matter 2049-002. Do you have it? I’m due in court in two hours.”

“I am working on it now, Mark”.

One more thing. So let’s see where this file is, six possibilities, looks like the basement, awesome

I wonder if it came back from Chicago? Looks like it came back.

“Hey Kim, do you have 20494-002? Yes, that’s what our system does. Thanks anyway.”

So where is it? The famous intake shelf. Done. Next, active file service, what’s this? Now I have a single place to request files, no more hunting, no more calling, no more shipping, Access handles it all.

Everyone’s impressed with our turnaround times, and we finally got to the records audit. We’ve saved floor space, and we can actually manage our governance policies.

Access Unify makes all our lives easier. So now, I get to truly be a records expert. Files at the speed of business.