1 min watch – Retire your legacy record systems and extract documents, content, and records easily while maintaining regulatory security and compliance with Access Unify™ | Secure Compliance.


The service offers a secure and unified platform for storing both structured and unstructured content, including digital records and hard copy indexes. It ensures top-notch security and privacy governance. The platform automatically updates and applies privacy and security rules and provides options for digital and physical destruction of content based on the user’s retention schedule. The system emphasizes fast access and unification of files.


No matter where your content lives or what form it takes, we can store it with proven security and privacy governance. 

With secure compliance, we store your structured and unstructured content, digital records, and hard copy indexes in our secure, searchable, unified platform. Privacy and security rules are automatically applied and updated with the option of digital and physical destruction to meet your retention schedule. 

Files at the speed of business. Access Unified.