Digitization is often the first place organizations look when struggling to access physical records. Watch this short video to learn why taking bite-sized steps towards digitization can help you securely access any of the confidential data you’re looking for without embarking on a large, possibly time-consuming process.

Video Transcript

One solution, and a lot of our clients are already leveraging this, is our FileBridge records and metrics portal. It’s absolutely our client portal where a customer can not only manage their inventory, they can request files physically, but more importantly, for the sake of this conversation and the environment that we live in today, they can access files through something that we have called Scan On Demand. 

So as opposed to having a physical file delivered to you, you can request a file, we will scan it and upload it to a secure FTP site, and through your user access of FileBridge, then you go on to that secure site and you can download that file. 

Again, we talked a lot about risk, we talked a lot about not increasing costs, this is a very secure way to access your records and individual files by employee and by authorized users onto FileBridge so that you are not incurring additional costs and not posing any type of security or additional risk to any of the confidential data that you’re looking for.