Virgo offers cloud-based legal and regulatory research software that helps you increase your precision and gives you the agility to be on top of your information governance efforts. With constantly changing retention regulations, Virgo helps you maintain accurate retention schedules and inventories by linking regulatory requirements to record series in a retention schedule.

Our proven methods have been used for years to customize regulatory reports of customers in complex, highly regulated industries while drastically reducing their cost of compliance. With Virgo as your retention software, you will always be audit-ready.

Video Summary

Discover Virgo, the cloud-based information governance solution that simplifies managing information retention, disposition, privacy, and security policies. Whether you’re navigating a complex web of regulations or seeking intuitive organization and collaboration, Virgo’s interconnected platform offers a seamless experience. Stay current with changing laws, automate retention, and ensure compliance with Virgo’s user-friendly features. Experience the power of Virgo’s comprehensive, easy-to-use, and continuously updated platform for information governance.

Video Transcript

Searching for essential solutions for your information governance program, it can be a challenge to create and manage defensible information retention, disposition, privacy, and security policies. Whether your organization operates within a single country and is subject to over 10,000 laws and regulations, or operates in multiple countries around the world and is subject to over 30,000 changing laws and regulations, Virgo is the cloud-based information governance solution that gives you the detail you need with the simplicity you want.

With Virgo, you can stay current with changes in laws and regulations affecting your policies, collaborate on your policies with other professionals across the organization, identify private and confidential information that needs protection, and publish policies and automate retention in your systems. Users pick Virgo because it’s intuitive and accurate. Information is organized with a few interrelated tabs. Each tab features a grid-based layout that’s simple to reorganize to fit your needs and makes generating reports a breeze. For a bird’s eye view, the customizable dashboard allows you to choose from a library of options to get quick insight into information that’s important to you.

Retention is managed in the Record Series tab. Selecting a record series brings up detailed information like record examples and content types. To help you seamlessly navigate through the platform, information in Virgo is interconnected. By clicking on a content type, you’re taken to the content type page where you can see the record series to which it is related and the repositories where it resides. Just click on the link to return to the record series. Simple. Intuitive. All the citations of supporting laws and regulations mapped to the record series are listed here, with defining regulations easily identified.

You can also collaborate internally or with the IGS team. Private comments can be used to note the rationale for retaining information longer than laws and regulations require or other business decisions. You’ll always know what’s changed and who made the changes by reviewing Virgo’s automatically generated audit trail. The citations tab displays all the laws and regulations related to your company and the areas where you operate. To help you stay current, Virgo clearly labels changes, newly published requirements, and laws and regulations that have been repealed.

Deploying private and confidential information is critical and can be tracked in the content types tab. Here you can track an infinite inventory of the types of content you have and how it’s categorized. Content can be inventoried by privacy as well as security, criticality, location, and other organizational needs. The repositories tab helps you track where your content resides. Whether content is stored in SAP or a physical file room, a wealth of insight is readily available, including location and ownership, as well as the associated record series and retention period.

Publishing retention rules throughout the organization is simple with employee portals. A portal installs in minutes and automatically shows published policies so users can quickly find retention by familiar content types. A grid view can also be published to show record series specific to a particular location or department. Virgo also publishes to systems and applications. The connector to Microsoft 365 populates Microsoft 365 retention labels so you can automate retention for SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, Teams, and Groups to ensure your policies are consistent and enforced.

Best of all, Virgo is supported and continuously updated by a team of attorneys, paralegals, and document retention experts who monitor over 200,000 laws and regulations in more than 200 jurisdictions around the world so you can hit the ground running with best-in-class content and ongoing guidance. Virgo, the comprehensive, easy-to-use, cloud-based information governance platform from Access.