Success for records and information (RIM) in 2020 and beyond is now about one thing: flexibility.

RIM leaders are dealing with end-users who work from home, the office, and sometimes both. How and where they work can change quickly, but the information must always remain accessible, portable and secure.

Watch as Rich Langtry, Vice President, Client Success and Shelly Eddy, Area Vice President, Client Success at Access discuss why they consider this moment in time an inflection point for RIM leaders.


  • Real-world examples we’ve heard about struggling to physical records while remote
  • How to achieve better accessibility without increasing risk
  • Developing digital programs for traditionally paper-heavy routines like mail, filing and accessing off-site records
  • Ensuring secure destruction for remote workers
  • Ways to measure your program through the lenses of risk, quality, and cost
  • Steps to transform your program to be both remote and flexible-work friendly
  • Tactics and strategies for reducing the overall cost of your records program