Featured Speakers:
Cynthia Alsup – SVP Information Governance Solutions
Joe Halstead – Senior Solutions Architect, Access

Developing a compliant record retention schedule is far easier said than done. On one hand, forcing your organization to comply with too many unnecessary regulations can be detrimental to the performance of your operations. Meanwhile, an insufficient level of compliance with relevant regulations can place you at high risk in the event of legal holds, litigation, leading to potential damages or fines. To make matters even more difficult, the frequency with which these laws and regulations change can make keeping a defensible set of problems into an overwhelming challenge. That’s why our clients choose Virgo, a cloud-based software solution. Clients in complex, highly regulated industries ranging from oil and gas, energy and manufacturing, and others rely on Virgo to track retention compliance specific to their operations. By removing the daunting task of reviewing 100,000+ global requirements to figure out which citations apply, Virgo users are able to significantly shorten the time and expense to develop and refresh defensible records retention schedules.