Cloud providers

It’s no secret – employing cloud computing solutions can allow organizations to dramatically reduce costs and achieve greater efficiencies. However, stories of high-profile data loss incidents and corporations struggling with rapidly changing information privacy laws, are still prevalent and may cause some trepidation about the decision to move to the cloud.

The truth is, the cloud is more secure and much safer than the traditional business practices if you select secure, trustworthy vendors with the right capabilities. Knowing what to look for when conducting due diligence and selecting a cloud services provider can make the difference between success and disaster. Dennis Garcia, Esq., a leading expert in the cloud services field, provides significant strategies to employ when identifying and contracting with a cloud services provider:

  • Understand why cloud solutions are dominating the technology market.
  • Learn how you can minimize your organization’s risk for data loss incidents.
  • Identify key criteria to consider when selecting a cloud services provider.


About the Speaker

dennis-garciaDennis Garcia, Esq., is an Assistant General Counsel for Microsoft Corporation and has previously held similar roles at Accenture and IBM. Dennis is a Certified Information Privacy Technologist with IAPP. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Illinois Legal Aid Online and the Editorial Board for the Journal of Data Protection and Privacy.

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