Like it or not, privacy compliance is now a fact of life. The California Consumer Privacy Act became effective Jan. 1, and enforcement of the CCPA begins July 1. There are 11 more states following close behind with similar privacy legislation. This legislative trend highlights the importance for organizations of all sizes to have a privacy program in place that is compliant today and adaptable for the future. But what does a compliant, effective program look like?

Join us for “Developing a Privacy Compliance Program for CCPA, GDPR and Beyond” in which John Montaña and Steve Neilly discuss the fundamentals of privacy program design that is inclusive of these new types of privacy legislation and give attendees the road map they need to begin building a successful program.

Ample time will be reserved for audience questions.

In this session we will cover:

  • Recent and upcoming privacy legislation.
  • Identifying where you are now and where you need to be to remain compliant.
  • Building a program that’s compliant with current legislation and scalable as regulations evolve.
  • Effectively partnering with key stakeholders across the organization.
  • A comprehensive understanding of key elements of a privacy program.

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