Make Your Teams More Efficient with Electronic Records Management Software

Access’ suite of cloud-based digital records management software is tailored to the needs of your business and its records and compliance-heavy departments. The platform was created to help your teams manage, store and retrieve documents without ever having to touch filing cabinets again.

Take advantage of professional teams and automated systems that help you manage an entire digital transformation project. We’ll pick up your paper records and scan, tag, organize, and store them in the cloud or in your organization’s systems. Catalog, search and find stored documents across file types with ease. And with our enterprise solutions, CartaDC and CartaHR, manage documents across your teams, business lines, and geographies with ease thanks to AI-powered document tagging and metadata application.

Best of all, our API toolkit enables you to integrate with existing business solutions to maximize efficiency and security.

CartaHR: Employee Records Management Software

Imagine this: No more paper HR document management. No more file cabinets. No more searching for employee documents across multiple digital silos. Stop searching for missing files and information across geographically distributed. Stop spending valuable team time on gathering documents across employee files for internal and external audits.

CartaHR is your command central for fast, secure, compliant access to all your employee documents in the cloud, integrated with your HRIS or HCM. With CartaHR employee records management software, access all of your HR documents anywhere in the world with the touch of a button, and set up automated workflows to save your team valuable time. Secure cloud storage saves time, increases efficiencies, and makes your job easier.

Take Control of Your Employee Document Management with CartaHR

CartaDC: Enterprise Document Management Software

CartaDC is your document management command center. It’s a cloud solution for fast, secure, compliant access to all your documents. Whether you’re starting with thousands of paper documents, electronic files in multiple digital formats, or a mix, our AI-driven, cloud document management platform has you covered.

Imagine it: No more paper documents. Stop searching for missing files across multiple offices or multiple systems for important business information. CartaDC gives you quick visibility into all of your documents anywhere in the world. Save time, save money, and help your team be more efficient with this smart paperless file management software solution.

Scan, File, and Manage Documents Automatically with CartaDC

Get started with Access’ cloud-based document management software for fast, secure, centralized access to all your documents.