Securely manage your most important information – paper or digital

Address unique challenges in confidentiality, control, and PIPEDA compliance through our comprehensive medical records management and file storage solutions

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Protect Your Most Sensitive Data

In an era when the security of personal data is being called into question, we take all necessary precautions to ensure your sensitive information is highly secure and protected.

We ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations, as well as any internal governance policies.

Our specialized storage solutions help you maintain compliance with PIPEDA and the complex rules regarding the release of information.

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Save Your HR Department’s Time with Document Management Software

Managing employee records in a large, distributed healthcare organization can be time-consuming and risky. Employee records must be as secure as patient records.

Monitoring compliance with state and federal regulations and various certifications is difficult with large employee numbers, high turnover and multiple locations.

A secure employee document management system that complements your HRIS or HCM can free up valuable staff time.

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Save Your Space for People and Healing, Not Records Storage

Safeguard your information while improving the efficiencies of your hospital or medical center with our specialized global expertise.

Adhere to Medical Record Retention Policies

Adhere to medical record retention regulations to reduce your program costs, limit exposure to needless lawsuits, diminish risks to data breaches, and eliminate cost and space requirements for onsite storage.

We’ll help you create a comprehensive Health Information Management program, abiding by strict retention schedules to keep the records you need and securely shred those that you don’t, helping you consolidate medical information and maximize efficiencies.

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Securely destroyed files and documents

Securely Destroy Your Assets

Each document or file that becomes obsolete based on its retention schedule must be securely disposed of.

Technological advances also require outdated medical equipment and computers to be decommissioned.

You can confidently destroy (and recycle) your records, computers, and office equipment knowing we will ensure your compliance and security.

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Improve Your Healthcare Information Management

Save time and resources by managing your accounts and providing detailed reports on budgets, timelines, and savings with our Project Management Office.

Alleviate the burden of paperwork when it comes to employee turnover or mergers & acquisitions with a personalized Health Information Management program. From drop-mail to interfiling, we ensure all your documents are accurately filed with relevant records.

Regardless of size of the medical practice, we’re dedicated to serving your unique needs.